Thoughts on Rudai 23

Introduction. I had several reasons for doing the Rudai 23 course. My primary reason was to enhance my CV as I have little professional experience. The fact that Rudai 23 was approved by the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) and that it was both free and self-paced were an added bonus. Additionally the course was … Continue reading Thoughts on Rudai 23


Thing 22: Final Reflective Practice

After 21 Things I am finally on my last reflective post concerning Rudai's Things! This post will be focusing on Things 19, 20 and 21. After this, I will possibly summarise my experience of Rudai 23  in a later post. Thing 19: Podcasts. Of all the Things on this course, this was the one I … Continue reading Thing 22: Final Reflective Practice

Reflections on Things 14-17.

Like several previous other posts about Rudai 23, this is a reflection post covering several different things. Thing 14: Personal Information Management. For this thing I tried three tools, Evernote, Pocket and Remember the Milk. Evernote is a tool to put, create, organise and share information. Having used Evernote before for a college project I … Continue reading Reflections on Things 14-17.